Keeping the Bears Out

During the last couple of weeks in April, I did a bit of research to identify the components we would need for a solar-powered, electric fence.  Worth worked on figuring out how to wire the fence to make it electric.  One missing item meant a thirty-minute drive to the nearest town.  After a couple of phone calls with Bonnie at the UFA in Leduc, an electric fencing package (including a solar Gallagher B200 fencer, metal posts, ground rods, handles, wire, clamps and clips) was ready for us.  When we arrived at the UFA, I was quite surprised to find that Bonnie looked somewhat familiar.  As it turns out, we had been classmates at the University of Alberta and graduated together in 1990 (BSc. Ag).  The trip to Leduc cost around $1300 but I was confident that we purchased quality materials that would not let us down.  All we needed now was a battery ($147) to hold the charge created by the solar panel.

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