Bee Health App

On April 20th, Worth and I attended our first Edmonton & District Beekeepers Association meeting.  It was held at Dr. Medhat Nasr’s (Provincial Apiculturist) conference room north of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton.  The meeting was well attended and very informative.  We were rather gob-smacked to have direct access to scientists who are on the coal face of pest research and surveillance.  We listened carefully and with great interest to the information and research that was presented.  There were a number of pests that we would need to be mindful of.  We also learned about the new Bee Health App that we could download for free from the Apple App Store or Google play.  This is a handy reference tool to “detect, diagnose, manage and treat honey bee diseases and pests.”  I see that Dr. Nasr’s email is also listed and I would not hesitate to send him a photo to ask if he would identify a potential abnormality, or disconcerting invader that could potentially wreak havoc within the hive.

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