The following weekend was bright, sunny and a great deal warmer.  Not leaving anything to chance, we take Dad’s tractor.  This time the metal rods go quickly and easily into the ground as Worth pushes them in with the bucket.  While they didn’t exactly go in straight as the ground was still frozen, we at least had the makings of a workable fence.  It was impossible to put the ground rod in; and since we were running out of time, Worth thought that our best bet was to wire the fence in a sequence of one hot and the other not, with a total of six wires.


With all the metal rods in the ground it was time to string the wire up and attach the electrical components.  We are using a Gallagher electric fencer with solar panel and upon testing with a voltage meter we are consistently getting 9.6 KV on all sides.  Thick fur can act as an insulator and we do not want to take any chances of bears breaching the perimeter.  Worth has installed a trail cam on a nearby tree just to see who is visiting.





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