Wildlife Haven


The Wee One is Hungry!



Still hanging around…


Worth and I went out to the Ranch on August 5th.  Our drone layer hive lay silent with  ants meandering across the undulating wax landscape scavenging the sweet bounty that was left behind.  Our AWOL hive was now bursting at the seams with its newest members.  We added another super on top and hope to see more capped honey on our return.


Brood with Capped Honey



Little Buddies Hard at Work


Our trail cam captured images of another furry friend with a very keen sense of smell.      Fortunately it is only a late night visit around the perimeter of the electric fence rather than a late night snack!


This bear looks bigger than the last one.


Moving on – phew!



Bumble Bee



Not so keen on these…



Another Muncher!

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