Up & Coming Experiments

     Recently my mum, Alexis, and I visited Texas. During our stay we ate at the Salt Lick BBQ Smokehouse. Of course having an interest in cooking I left inspired and, curious to see if I could recreate my own version of the tangy but sweet barbecued flavoured meats that we tried.  I decided I would try to craft a similar kind of barbecue using our own honey which would contribute to some unique flavours.


At the Ranch everyone still has a nice selection of August flowers to craft some interesting flavours!

     Anyway, I guess I should introduce myself to provide some context. Hi, my name is Skylar and I am the daughter of a beekeeper. I am currently a fourth year university student studying a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Ecology. This particular degree places great emphasis on a holistic, sustainable and experimentative lifestyle, hence I am naturally drawn to create my recipes. However, fashion is my main interest as my Human Ecology major is Clothing, Textiles, and, Material Culture with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. Although I like to cook, my real love in life is designing and sewing clothing.

     In my upcoming blog posts, I will be providing some interesting information about storing honey and look forward to exploring various aspects of beekeeping clothing.  Specifically, I will be making some modifications to Mum’s bee suit to prevent the bees from stinging her ankles (since she refuses to wear rubber boots).  The bees also keep stinging Craig through his wet gloves, so I intend to determine what the problem is and find a solution to prevent the ongoing attacks.  Finally, I will be sharing some of my own tried and tested recipes.  I am formulating a barbecue one now and will be using some of our soon to be harvested honey in my creation!

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