Starting Over

Last weekend Worth called in the professionals to pound the posts for our new fence.  In less than an hour, Alberta 1 Fencing had 24, 6 foot posts and 3 grounding rods securely set into the rock infested ground.

Dave and John made the work look easy using a custom built post pounder designed to work in a variety of conditions and landscapes.  The price was more than fair considering the Klassen brothers came all the way out from Myrnam.  After our futile attempts to build a suitable fence, we greatly appreciated the job that was done.


John (pounding) and Dave (holding) had the ground rods installed in minutes.   I was puffed out just watching them!  Our previous experience of drilling into the high clay content soil was painful and tedious… not to mention the injury to egos that was sustained as a result of not completing the job.


We now have our work cut out for us over the next couple of weekends to get the wire up and hot on all 6 strands.  Adrastus figured out that the bottom wire in the previous fence was just a wire, without electrical current.  Hopefully the surprise of all hot wires will be big enough to keep him, Ananke and Aristaeus out for good.


We miss our bees… RIP little buddies 😦   #BringBacktheBees