More Activity at the Ranch

Through September and October the wildlife activity around the hives seems to have heightened with our performers engaging in a variety of activities.  I am not sure what attracts them to this particular piece of the property, but our trail cam captures images almost every day.




Moose frequent the area and seem to come out mostly at night. Or… hide from us during the day!


Maybe… the attraction is the tender, newly grown grass after we have gone with the weed wacker.


Two little whitetail bucks are sparring in preparation for the upcoming rut.  In the weeks to come, the fight will be much more serious as the bucks establish dominance in an effort to claim territory and have first rights to breeding.


This mature buck wasn’t quite ready to step away from the bush line.  Looks like the two little guys (above) will have to wait for a couple more years before they will be serious contenders!